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Grand Industry Readiness Workshop

Full Stack Academy

Date & Time

Thursday, Aug 31st, 2023 at 9:30 AM


The FSA Grand Industry Readiness Workshop, which took place on August 31st, 2023, at our esteemed Gachibowli Branch, was an unparalleled success. This transformative event served as the culmination of our rigorous One Month Personality Development Workshop, where participants were guided by seasoned industry experts. Through a series of engaging activities including mock interviews, group discussions, and confidence-boosting sessions, attendees honed their skills and prepared themselves for the dynamic demands of the professional world. Attendance at this pivotal workshop was deemed mandatory for all students aspiring to leverage placement assistance from FSA, ensuring that each participant was equipped with the necessary tools and mindset to seize promising career opportunities, students arrived fully prepared to immerse themselves in the enriching experience. The resounding success of the FSA Grand Industry Readiness Workshop underscores our unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and facilitating the holistic development of our students. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants, mentors, and supporters who contributed to making this event a truly memorable and impactful one.


11 AM - 1 PM

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